Indy-Anna Jonesin’

Take a look at this photograph: Doesn’t it remind you of one I sent out five months ago, at the start of our drive from Istanbul to Calcutta? Here’s the earlier photo to which I’m comparing, which is of the remarkable rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey. The first photo is from just south of Santa Fe, at Tent Rocks National Monument. Amazing, no???? (more…)

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Oddball Santa Fe

OK, so I’ve mentioned the wonders of music at Evangelo’s Lounge on a sleepy January Santa Fe Saturday afternoon. But I did not include a photo of Evangelo himself. This is one famous guy, photo-wise. Take a look at Evangelo on Normandy Beach, 1944 (more…)

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Stop Me Before I Explode

I can’t help myself.  I LOVE being in a place where I can eat out whenever I feel like it.  When I’m at home on the ranch I have to cook all the meals, so let me tell you, here in Santa Fe I feel like eating out all the time. (more…)

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Local tourism

Instead of doing a long trip way from the ranch this winter, as we have in years past, we’ve decided to make shorter forays. Our first journey has kept us surprisingly close to home, yet feeling we’re a true world away.

It’s been many years since I spent weeks getting to know my own country.  So it’s with particular pleasure that I find myself in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a three week stay.  I’ve been here several times before, but always for less than a handful of days.  Those brief ventures were enough to get me excited about the place and to visit some of the outlying sights, but never to settle down.Reporting now from Santa Fe itself, I have to say that it feels a bit strange to apply my travel skills to an American city, even one as foreign-feeling as Santa Fe.  (more…)

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Something’s cookin’ for New Year’s Eve

I swore I’d never do this, but I can’t help myself. This dessert is just too fabulous to keep a secret from my friends. So, even though I always said (when no one was listening) that I’d never use my website to proselytize about food, I’m breaking that vow. And you will be the better for it. Start it Friday and you will have a rustic, lipsmacking treat for New Year’s Eve, one that warms the belly and the soul at the same time. (more…)

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