What readers are saying:

  • “[A] travel memoir that truly captures the stomach-twisting anxiety and elevating high of going on a trip.”

  • “I found myself reluctant to put down the book and go to bed.”

  • “Bennett’s descriptions were excellent and you felt as if you were on the journey with them.”

  • “To say more would be a major spoiler, but please read the book!”

  • “…[T]his intrepid traveler… exposes her emotional self with raw honesty.”

  • “I was immediately hooked. So many times I laughed seeing my husband and myself in the same situations. This book delighted me and I was sorry to get to the end.”

  • “I felt like I was along for the ride. This book was part travelogue, part exploration of human relationships, and part history lesson. A very well written book.”

  • “Her writing is fantastic, their story is incredible, and the trip makes my mouth water.”