We are off to Tibet, a land which intrigued and enchanted us two years ago. Back then we were driving 9,000 miles from Istanbul to Calcutta and had the opportunity to cross Tibet en route to Nepal and eventually India. That stay was too brief, just enough to draw us back for a more extended visit to the country.

Back then our route took us to the north side of Everest where I panted through one night near base camp while my heart tried to pound its way out of my chest. This time Everest will host us again and I plan to take my Diamoxx religiously, so that I don’t suffer the pangs of altitude sickness once more.

The whole point of this trip, though, is to get away from where even the most ardent tourist treks go. We’ll be driving into the remotest parts of Tibet that are nevertheless accessible by road, … even if that road proves to be a rough one.

Thanks to our friend Paul Markland, a stupendous itinerary has been organized, which we will pursue in the company of three other adventurous couples. Due to the difficulties of bringing our own cars into the country, we’ll be driving rented Land Cruisers, whose drivers will be relegated to the back seat while we handle the cars ourselves (much more interesting that way).

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And don’t forget to check out Bernard’s gorgeous photos from our travels. Click here to view his site.

I can’t wait to fill you in on what I see, hear, feel and best of all EAT, once we’re there.

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